Organic Food


The word organic food is one of the most missed used words recently. Most marketers misuse the word for the purpose of marketing their goods. For the avoidance of doubt, this write-up will help to properly define the word and state it benefits.

Organic foods are crops that are produced without using synthetic pesticides, fertilizer, or other genetically modified components. They also include animals’ products such as cheese, milk, meat, or honey that are also produced free of growth hormones and antibiotics. It can also be referred to food products that are produced, prepared, and processed without the use of any chemicals. It means organic food production prohibits the use chemicals pesticides, chemical fertilizer, or chemical preservatives.

Organic FoodExamples of organic food include:

  1. Organic Eggs from chicken that are usually cage-less and free from hormones vaccine or antibiotics.
  2. Organic meat where animals are feeding off pasture or cereal concentrates instead of livestock fed with by-products (like kitchen left over or kitchen waste), steroid or antibiotics.
  3. Organic Vegetable or fruits that do not have the usual size and shine but are most likely free of synthetic pesticides.
  4. Organic cereal like the cheerio’s made of organically grown ingredients free of additives and artificial preservatives and colours.

The health benefits of organic food include.

  1. Organic foods has higher nutritional content than chemical-rich food.
  2. Organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals.
  3. The nutrients present in organic food can be beneficial in preventing dangerous disease like; Heart disease, Blood pressure, Diabetes, and cancer.
  4. With organic foods, weight can be controlled.
  5. Organic foods usually do not contain toxic substances as they do not use harmful substances like, chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and preservatives.
  6. The body’s immunity is also strengthened by the consumption of organic food and
  7. Organic food taste better and is considered beneficial for glowing skin.

Please do remember that cancer is now everywhere and there is need to watch what you eat. If you can eat organic food, you can support what you eat through backyard farming of both crop and livestock. Gconsulting International services Ltd can help start a backyard farming and also help to understand the concept of organic food better. Visit us  and www.glearningcenter to follow our social media handles

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