Farm Management Webinars – for farm managers/owners
Farm Management Webinars - for farm managers/owners
Integrated Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
Integrated Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
CBN—EDI Training
CBN—EDI Training

Capacity Building and Consultancy

The role of education in any system cannot be overemphasized hence we pride ourselves as not only builders but facilitators in learning the processes involved in any organization, system, business etc .Having a crop of seasoned professionals and other consultants that have proven records in their field of endeavor had placed us in the advantage of training top organization and identifying training needs for any organisation.

Our training covers

Management and Leadership Training

Business and Enterprise Management Training

Microfinance Training

Economic and Financial Management Training

Computer and Management Information Systems Training

Agri-Business Management Training

Fundamentals of Human Resources and Talent Management Training

Organizational Culture and Change Management

Safety and Security Training

G-Consultancy Int. Services Ltd does regular training courses, workshops, retreats, seminars and conferences on topical issues as stated above. Once in a year G-Consulting Int. Services would carry out an international conference on Microfinance/Agri-business for various organizations in Africa

Our approach is to use a combination of participatory, responsive and follow-up to achieve on our mandate of delivery excellent training in our core areas.

In-House Training

These are direct job-specific and performance-based, special training packages designed to respond to the unique requirements of individual organizations. These specialized packages have been found to be more economical and rewarding because they enable organizations to train more people on their sides at minimum cost and more directly.

Agri-business and Microfinance:

We believe that if agri-business and microfinance is properly harness using the right approach, it will restore an aspect of economy that has been undermined creating jobs and becoming a main stay for national economies in Africa.

Our involvements in agri-business and microfinance projects, trainings and education positions us as premier in revitalizing agriculture and microfinance as a viable business for all stakeholders .We thrive on the understanding that there is a need in every process of the agri-value chain and hence proffer solutions that underscores success and satisfaction for all stakeholders (farmers, input/agro dealers, processors, support services, consumers etc)

ICT and Smartech

You will find in our ICT world a range of service that puts you ahead of time. ICT governance is a framework that ensures that technology decisions are made in support of the business’ goals and objectives.  It provides the critical checks and balances designed to better manage and mitigate risk, standardize practices, stream-line procedures, and strengthen returns on assets. We don’t just build systems we set goals thriving on technology, that brings forward your profitability and helps you meet your organizational goals faster.

ICT support and outsourcing; from managing a single project to completely outsourcing your technology, we can ease you of the stress of managing ICT personnel and infrastructure while you focus on growing your organization.

We handle major technology initiatives such as building all kind of data and video networks, software development and deployment, systems integration and building security terminals etc. If you already have an ICT infrastructure that is not meeting your needs, we can help you redesign in view of ensuring that while upgrade and migration is ongoing, transistion is seamless and cost effective.


Our finance world is exciting. We understand the role of finance to businesses and hence we position ourselves as a reliable platform that realizes the dream and aspiration of our clients. Our financing can be offset to:

Project finance

SME and Micro financing

Corporate financing




Project Finance:

Project Financing has been the vehicle that translates the dream of a project to materialization. In this part of the world assessing capital to fund projects has been a major issue for entrepreneurs and organizations. We come in as experts with a solid capital risk asset and management skill to understand restructure and source funds for any project we decide to undertake. Our background in project financing has been our critical advantage in achieving success.

SME and Microfinance:

SME and Microfinance are the engine room for the development of the larger economy. Our experience and expertise in the SME and Microfinance industry has given us an in-depth insight and desire to transform the industry using modern and adaptable models to improving the lot of businesses in this sector.


From research, professionals in various fields find investment risky and difficult. Our approach is to cultivate within our clients the education, techniques and culture of working while creating a value for the future.

We invented a borderless online investment club known as White Coop that helps our members, clients and investors to sign up and cultivate the savings culture irrespective of their location around the world and move up the economic ladder.

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