With the shortage of cash in the economy a lot of people are doing transfer now, and transfers are failing and banks are not helping issues by delaying alerts. The young fraudster are now taking advantage of it to defraud the innocent business owners by showing them fake alert [they buy things from them and show them fake alerts].

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How to identify fake alert/ Apps used for fake Alerts

*Flash fund App

*Lofty SMS App

*Money prank pro

*Millionaira fake Account

*Pro and alert maker for Android

How to identify fake alert.

There are several ways to identify a fake SMS alert:

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  1. Check the sender: Most SMS alerts are sent by recognized companies or institutions. If the sender’s name or number looks suspicious, do not open the message.
  2. Verify the message content: check the message for any error, such as typos, spelling mistakes, or incorrect grammar. A genuine alert is unlikely to contain such mistakes.
  3. Check for urgency: scammers often use urgency to create panic and encourage you to take immediate action. If the message is asking you to take action urgently, it could be a fake.
  4. Check the URL or link: if the SMS contains a URL or link, do not click on it immediately. Hover over the link to see the URL and check if it looks legitimate. You can also copy and paste the URL into a search engine to see if there are any report of it being a scam.
  5. Contact the sender: If you are still unsure about the authenticity of the message, you can contact the sender directly to verify it.
  6. Do not provide personal information: If the message asks for personal information like passwords, Bank account number or social security number, do not provide any information. No legitimate institution will ask for such information over SMS.
  7. If you receive an alert from your bank look at the name if it has a number and if it correspond with the previous alert you have gotten. The alert is supposed to come under the previous one. Most fake alert come as a separate message from those other ones.
  8. Your email, check to see if you get email alert but if you don’t, don’t worry yourself.
  9. If someone asked for your phone number before sending money to you is a sign of fraud, they need your phone number so that they can input it on the App and send it to you.
  10. Fake alert does not come with your balance so check your previous balance alert and compare with the new alert. The fraudsters do not know your account balance that is one of the major ways to know its fake alert.

NOTE:  Overall, it’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to suspicious SMS alerts.