The implications of losing election in your polling unit

The implications of losing election in your polling unit

I recently went around my neighbourhood seeking for lodging for my crew; it was an amazing experience that put me in touch with the places I visited and helped me understand the environments I visited. What I witnessed was mind-boggling and informative.

A popular Christian man of God lives in a certain neighbourhood, and the agent who is Muslim and who showed me around remarked that each festive season, the man of God provides them food and money for their celebrations. Regardless of their creed, everyone loves the Christian man of God. In his polling unit if he attempts to contest for election, this type of person will easily win the election in his polling unit.


Remember that Prof. Osinbajo, the V.P to President Muhammad Buhari was rumoured to have lost election in his polling unit? What would have occurred with a man who speaks English so fluently that you want to lick his mouth whenever he does? The main issue, in my opinion, is that he is out of touch; he arrived to Aso Rock and neglected to connect with his grassroots. Politicians should always connect with their base.

Another well-known story involves a father who, up until the occasion of his daughter’s first birthday, never attended any ceremonies of anyone. It was claimed that, despite throwing a spectacular party, nobody showed up. He had to find those with less privilege to devour the food. He never missed a gathering again, whether he was invited or not, after that day. He has learned from his mistake and is now better at building relationships.

It is a part of connecting with the grassroots that businessman Dangote constructed an entrepreneurial center and several other projects in his native state. Become educated if you want to be outstanding but become more grass rooted if you want to be relevant.

When was the last time you went to your community? Some argue that I will go when I have money. For me I make sure to visit more frequently. When members of the community ask for something, I brought, I always make it available, but if you enquire further, I’ll also ask you what you have at home to balance the situation. As a result, we have grown closer as friends, and the requests for my goods gradually decrease, and we now regard one another as friends.

Some people are not opportune to live close to their community, some live abroad, but this shouldn’t stop you from connecting. Join your local WhatsApp group and any other platform and contribute. And before you know it, you will be on the part of becoming relevant in your political and community life.

Thank you.

Godfrey Ajayi Sunday, Political and Economic Commentator